Dance Styles
Classical Ballet
At CADA we train classically through the Australian Teachers of Dancing (ATOD). We teach the basic technique and fundamentals of Ballet, in which students have the opportunity to sit for exams. Classical Ballet requires determination, dedication and discipline to progress through the levels.
Jazz/Funk/Hip Hop
This is a combination of all three styles, it is very popular in today's dance world; also known as 'commerical jazz'. CADA teaches students the technique required for JFH while incorporating fun mondern moves seen in the industry today.
CADA's cheerleading is fast paced and incorporates stunts, tumbling, tosses and dance elements. It requires dedication and a strong work ethic, it is also very physically demanding. Skills are developed from level 1 & 2 of AASCF, CADA focuses on the performance side of Cheer and thus is dance oriented. 
CADA also trains through ATOD for our tap syllabus. Tap is a great way to have fun and keep fit, students also have the opportunity to sit for exams and progress through the levels. 
This style combines both Ballet and Jazz, it is a very 'free' style, it allows students to develop a great technique and explore new boundaires for their own personal body movement. CADA teaches the technique involved with this style and incorporates different elements and styles of dance to create an unfortgetable style.
At CADA jazz is offered for our tiny tot and pre-primary students. It is a beginners class for students to learn jazz technique before advancing to our higher level of JFH.
Age Levels
Tiny Tots - 3yrs - 6yrs
Junior - 7yrs - 11yrs
Seniors - 12yrs and Over